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 Congratulations, you and your pet(s) have been accepted to our exclusive pet care program. Before we can book a service, take a moment to read through our company policies and upload your pets information to our database. 

Company Policies

Take a look below to see important policies & guides on how to help bookings or sessions run smoothly.

In-Home Pet Sitting ($175-$225/night)*

  • In-Home Pet Sittings serve best when booking 3w-1m in advance.

  • Please provide our pet care professionals with an email or printed instruction of how to care for your pets and home.

  • Payments due in full first day of service.

  • Refunds of 50% are due if cancellations are made 3 days before a sitting starts.

  • Pets should be ok being alone for 4-5  consecutive hrs.

  • We have restrictions on dogs agressive towards dogs in their family or people aggressive dogs. Text 209-276-6762 for details.

Hourly Sitting ($25-30/hr)*

  • Pets are gunranteed hourly attendence. 

  • Payment is due day of service unless booked weekly

  • Please provide pet care professionals with specific instructions in a document or email if necessary. 

Dog Training ($140-200/hr)*

  • Training packages may only have 3-4 reschedules.

  • There are no refunds for training packages. 

  • At least half the household should be present for the sessions.

  • Please have a primary focus in mind when booking training sessions.

  • Please be prepared with treats, toys, and a leash 10 mins before the session. 

Pet Drop-ins &Walking ($50-$75/visit)*

  • Payment for weekly jobs is due at the latest date in the week a Drop in or Walk was needed. 

  • Visits are 30mins-1hr long. 

  • Time ranges book quicker than exact hours.

  • We take payments via Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check.

  • Please allow pet care professionals 5-10 minute arrival windows. 

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