At Golden Leash, We strive to give you the best-individualized training to address your pooches needs as effectively as possible. 

Our Training Options


Hour Session

This covers an hour session of behavioral correction, leash, or obedience training. Mix and Match a package today! 




Dog Walking

Need help getting your dog's daily walks in? We're here for you! Our walks are 45 mins of go go go! Just what your pooch needs. 




Group Training

Looking to socialize your dog while getting training? The group training option is perfect for you!



In Select Areas

Training Session Package Deals! 

Great for Single Subjects!!

3 Session Training Package


Recommended For Puppies 13+ Weeks Old!

5 Session Training Package


6 Session Training Package


Recommended For Moderate behavioral issues. 

7 Session Training Package


8 Session Training Package


10 Session Training Package


3 Session Training Package

Save $60!

Looking for a quick correction in one field of training? Maybe some light all-around training in Obedience, Walking, and in-home behavior? This is the package for you!  

3 Sessions for $300
Coco 2.jpg
5 Session Training Session

$100 Off!

This is perfect for correcting mild cases. Recommended for those needing two types of training, a few times. 

5 Sessions for $500
6 Session Package

One Session On Us! 

This package is great for basic all-around training. This covers two sessions of behavioral correction, obedience, and leash training. We recommend this package to first-time pet parents. 

6 Sessions for $600
Toby 1.JPG
7 Session Training Package

Save $100!

Looking to correct a certain behavior? This is the package for you! Book 7 specialized sessions at 15% off, what a steal! We recommend this package for leash or behavioral correction training

7 Sessions for $740
9 Session Training Package

Two Sessions On Us!

This package is some serious stuff. Have a high anxiety dog? Worried it might lead to aggression? This package is an all inclusive with leash & behavioral correction, here to save the day.

9 Sessions for $840
benji 1.JPG
10 Session Training Package

Save $200!

This package works great for 6-week-puppies that've just come home to you! Get a jump start on their training for the perfect puppy you've always wanted! 

10 Sessions for $1000

Our Methodolgy

At Golden Leash, we uphold three pillars of principles that are essential to our training. 

Quickness, Consistency, and Care.


Every dog responds to these principles. 


maintains a dog's focus, integrating what their learning into their daily lives. 


leaves no room for loopholes or a 'Well it slide this time' mentality. This assures that their training is entirely effective. 

and Care!

There's nothing a dog loves more than love! Praise is plentiful and essential to our training. 

With these principles, we aim to give your pet the most effective, picture-perfect training we can.

Types Of Training


Behavioral Correction

   Behavioral Correction covers a multitude of issues you may be having with your pet. They're all dealt with in about the same way, practicing general obedience or setting firm boundaries.

The behavioral corrections we cover are:

   - Crate Training

   - Aggression 

   - Nipping & Biting 

   - Jumping on people

   - Counter Surfing

-Separation Anxiety

   & Much More! Just ask! 

   Our boundaries training is 99% effective with consistency! We often recommend giving a swift poke to a dog's armpit (there's four of them!) or in their collar bone. This works with eating things off the ground, clothing nipping, counter surfing, and occasionally barking.

Jumping is corrected without fail by pulling up your knee when you're going to be jumped on.

Biting and nipping is corrected by putting your thumb firmly on your dog's tongue, and holding for a few seconds while saying 'gentle'.


The ideology behind these methods is to make undesirable behavior a bad experience for all parties.

While some of these corrections may seem excessively firm, remember these behaviors and habits, such as biting and jumping, can become or dangerous. Nipping can become biting, large dogs can knock over children, the elderly, and even some adults.

Leash Training

    Often referred to as the best place to start, leash training gives the trainer and dog a neutral space outside of the home to establish a proper relationship. 


With our Leash Training, dogs are expected to: 

   - Be non-leash reactive

   - Leave slack on the leash, or not pull

   - Remain focused on the walker, or be in a relaxed state

   - Sit each time the walker comes to a stop. 

   While being trained to adhere to these rules dogs learn what's expected of them. Completing these steps correcting and being praised for them boosts their confidence, just like it would in any human being



Basic obedience is the foundation of all dog training.

We all expect our furry friends to be able to sit, lie down, and stay.

At Golden Leash, we use a praise or redirection system to teach our pets their basics.

No's are ineffective while teaching commands, and are only nessicary when offering behavioral corrections. 

Correction Not Prevention!

Our Methodology In Action

Training examples.PNG

Dog Training Q & A 

Q: How much does dog training cost?

A: Our trainings are $120 per hour, however, we have plenty of packages for everyone's budget! See them on our training page!

Q: Is dog training worth it?

A: Dog trainers have a better understanding of dog psychology

than most, and can help to bridge the gap between you and your pet!


Q: Do You Use Positive Reinforcement? 

A: Yes, but differently than you'd think!

Positive Reinforcement has a different meaning than most know.

By definition, it means to add an action, stimulus, or item in response to an action.

Examples are: 

Giving Fido a treat for a good sit.


Saying "No!" When he has an accident on the rug. 

These are both forms of positive reinforcement, but it's easy to see which is more effective than the other. 

At Golden Leash, we don't often use the words 'no' or 'stop' for our corrections.

Instead, we distract from the unwanted behavior or use physical corrections. 

Examples: Turning around on a walk when the dog becomes reactive.


Putting your thumb on a puppy's tongue when they nip and saying 'gentle'!

At Golden Leash, all corrections or distractions are followed by praise! 

This maintains the dog's confidence and reminds them they're loved! 

So in short, yes! We Use positive Reinforcement!