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Dog Training Tailored To Your Needs.

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Single Hour Session ($350)

Whether you'd like a single session or a package here's what you're guaranteed with each GL Training:

  • 1 hr+ of dog training tailored to you & your pup's needs.

  • An intensive personalized homework sheet after each session for you to review between meetings.

  • Consistent text access to your professional pet trainer for any questions or queries regarding your training.

  • Access to our thorough digital dog training guides  

What's included in Golden Leash Training?

At Golden Leash, We strive to give you the best individualized one-on-one in-home dog training to address your pooches' needs as effectively as possible. 

Basic Training (2-3 Weeks)

Best For: 

- Quick correction in one field of training

- Light all-around Obedience

- Refresher Course in Leash Training

- $100 discount! 

3 Sessions for $950
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Special/Specific Training (4-5 Weeks)

Best For:

- Mild behavioral corrections

- Well-behaved puppies with first-time pet parents.

- Separation Anxiety

- $150 discount!

5 Sessions for $1600
Major Behavioral Training (5-7 Weeks)

Best For:

 - Bad or Dangeous habits that your pet just can't kick.

- When past trainings just didn't cut it. 

6 Sessions for $2100

Our Methodolgy

At Golden Leash, we uphold three pillars of principles that are essential to our training. 

Quickness, Consistency, and Care.

With these principles, we aim to give your pet the most effective, picture-perfect training we can.


Maintaining a dog's focus is essential to properly training your pooch.

Additionally, it's important to correct bad behavior as soon as we see it, to make it easier for your dog to associate the behavior with an undesirable outcome. 


Leaves no room for loopholes or a 'Well let it slide this time' mentality. This assures that their training is entirely effective. 


There's nothing a dog loves more than love! Plentiful praise is a big part of our training strategy

With these principles, we aim to give your pet the most effective, picture-perfect training we can.

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