How We Train

Dog training is a simplified term for complex, multivariable science. It's a mix of both human and animal psychology that's far from easy to learn. There are a plethora of ways to apply it, but only a few of them are viable, and even fewer have long-lasting results. At Golden Leash, we recognize that generalized methods are not for every dog, so we do our best to deliver individualized training. 

At Golden Leash, we uphold three pillars of principles that are essential to our training. 

Quickness, Consistency, and Care. 

Every dog responds to these principles. 

Quickness maintains a dog's focus, integrating what their learning into their daily lives. 

Consistency leaves no room for loopholes! Or a 'Well it slide this time' mentality assuring that their training is entirely effective. 

and Care! There's nothing a dog loves more than love! Praise is plentiful and essential to our training. 

With these principles, we aim to give your pet the most effective, picture-perfect training we can.  

Our Team

We're your go-to guys for all your pet's needs! 

Carly Hills

Admin & Owner

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 Bully Breed & Web Specialist