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Our Team

Our Premium Pet Care Team

Meet the brain of our operations, and your pet's new best friends! Our team is a carefully crafted collection of individuals with a passion for pets. We do our best to maintain your pets routines, happiness, and health whenever we see them. 

San Francisco & Peninsula Branch

Harlow S. 

    Originally from Salinas CA, I began working with animals professionally in April 2016 training at Stofer's Labs breeding and boarding facility. There I was taught the fundamentals of training on a large scale, proper boarding procedures, quality company culture, and superior customer service. After a year and a half, I became more interested in animal medical practice and took a job working as a veterinary assistant. I'd worked there for 6 months but quickly realized my passion was with working with pets and their families one-on-one. It was in September of 2017 I decided to create my small business training dogs.

     I'd gained popularity quickly in my hometown, becoming a go-to walker, trainer, and sitter. Feeling like a big fish in a small pond, I moved to the Bay Area in 2019. I moved a few times until I found my home in San Mateo, where I continue to grow my business here on the Peninsula. 

Admin & Owner

Colleen M.

Hi, I’m Colleen. I’m am a huge animal lover with 5+ years of experience. I have cared for dogs (and cats) of various breeds, ages, and temperaments and am the happy owner of a loving and energetic bulldog, Lincoln. I understand how stressful it can be to find the right care for your pet, which is why I’ll treat your dog like my own. I look forward to meeting you and your pup!

I’m very active and love hiking, biking and rollerblading. I’d love to include your trained and active pet if they’d enjoy it, or keep to a simple walk in the park or neighborhood.

Palo Alto Pet Sitter


    Kirk is a natural when it comes to dogs. He's a puppy whisperer & does exceptional work with dogs that have behavioral issues. I couldn't recommend him enough to anxious pet parents, dogs with separation anxiety, or dogs that need a little extra time & space before they warm up. His primary service areas ar San Francisco and the Peninsula, but he's more than happy to travel to meet your fur family. Inquire about Kirk sitting your dog today! 

Kirk A.

San Francisco & Peninsula Pet Sitter

North Bay Branch

James Z.

    James is an especially kind & gentle pet sitter. He's done wonders for puppies & elderly dogs alike! JJ lives a very active lifestyle and loves to include our fuzzy clients on long hikes, strolls, and jogs in Marin County. He's not only one of our preferred sitters but he does a wonderful job coordinating sittings in Marin County as well. 

Marin County Pet Services Manager

Golden Leash Q & A

Is dog training worth it?

Dog trainers have a better understanding of dog psychology

than most, and can help to bridge the gap between you and your pet!


But to be candid, you get out what you put into our sessions. We recommend being prepared 5-10 mins before your trainer arrives and be ready to learn! 

Does Golden Leash use Positive Reinfocement dog training?

Yes, but differently than you'd think!

Positive Reinforcement has a different meaning than most know.

By definition, it means to add an action, stimulus, or item in response to an action.

Examples are: 

Giving Fido a treat for a good sit.


Saying "No!" When he has an accident on the rug. 

These are both forms of positive reinforcement, but it's easy to see which is more effective than the other. 

At Golden Leash, we don't often use the words 'no' or 'stop' alone for our corrections.

Instead, we distract from the unwanted behavior or use physical corrections. 

Examples: Turning around on a walk when the dog becomes reactive.


Putting your thumb on a puppy's tongue when they nip and saying 'gentle'!

At Golden Leash, all corrections or distractions are followed by praise! 

This maintains the dog's confidence and reminds them they're loved! 

So in short, yes! We Use Positive Reinforcement but our methods are tailored to you & your pets needs.

Is In-Home Pet Sitting Safe?

Golden Leash has a pretty hefty insurance plan, covering property damage, pet injuries, and even the sitter's health! Additionally, we do full background checks on each of our staff members. Even the ones you'll never meet. 

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