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Our Team

Our Premium Pet Care Team

Meet the brain of our operations, and your pet's new best friends! Our team is a carefully crafted collection of individuals with a passion for pets. We do our best to maintain your pets routines, happiness, and health whenever we see them. 

San Francisco & Peninsula Branch

Harlow Srain

    Originally from Salinas CA, I began working with animals professionally in April 2016 training at Stofer's Labs breeding and boarding facility. There I was taught the fundamentals of training on a large scale, proper boarding procedures, quality company culture, and superior customer service. After a year and a half, I became more interested in animal medical practice and took a job working as a veterinary assistant. I'd worked there for 6 months but quickly realized my passion was with working with pets and their families one-on-one. It was in September of 2017 I decided to create my small business training dogs.

     I'd gained popularity quickly in my hometown, becoming a go-to walker, trainer, and sitter. Feeling like a big fish in a small pond, I moved to the Bay Area in 2019. I moved a few times until I found my home in San Mateo, where I continue to grow my business here on the Peninsula. 

Admin & Owner

North Bay Branch

James Zablotsky

    James is an exceptional member of our team, doing an amazing job will fill in walks and drop-ins in the North Bay. 

San Francisco Pet Sitter

San Jose, South Bay Branch

Sara Santucci

  I joined Golden Leash as a last-minute sitter in 2019 and I've been an essential part of the team since - but my love and responsibility with animals started long before joining. Since an early age, I have been around animals. Mainly cats in my formative years, but eventually, after moving quite a bit I found myself in the position of taking care of a very large lab-pit mix on an almost daily basis. Later on, I did a multi-week stay at a house with 3 dogs, having daily responsibilities. I currently own a boxer-pit mix! These experiences got me comfortable with a large variety of dog breeds. More and more animal care opportunities came my way, and Carly invited me to help here at Golden Leash. Since then I've regularly helped with multi-day sittings, walking, feeding, and website maintenance. 

South Bay Pet Sitter

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